The Reason for The Season

God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son. A week from today, we will celebrate the birth of God’s son. God in the flesh. Jesus the Christ! As we prepare for Christmas doing all the things (shopping, wrapping presents, cooking, etc.), let’s also be reminded to sit in God’s presence and give thanks for Jesus, because he truly is the reason for the season.

During this season, let’s take time to relax and reflect, as well as check on loved ones. #Godislove #Bethelight #Bethechangeyouwishtosee

Do the “Heart” Work!

As humans, it is important to do the “heart” work which is often referred to as the inner work. For example, do you know what bring you joy? Or have you taken time to evaluate what gifts God given you? and if so, how are you using them?

It’s not too late! You are a light in this darken world. Shine your light!

#letyourlightshine #bethechangeyouwishtosee #bealightindarkness #beabeaconoflight


I am grateful that I get to do what I love each and every day as a life clarity coach. I am blessed to help ambitious women of faith get unstuck from the issues of life, business and relationships.

I do this by helping them identify what brings them joy, peace, and fulfillment; so that she can embrace the abundant life she was meant to live.

I offer you support and accountability in a loving, supportive, and non-judgmental safe space.

Currently, I am offering special pricing on my 60-Minute Breakthrough Session through Monday, November 28. In recognition of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, as well as CyperMonday.

Purchase your Session today! DM “interested” for the link.

Take care and be blessed ♥

Neita Wilson
CEO and Founder of Celebrating You!

When Was the Last Time You Said “Yes”

When was the last time you said “Yes” to yourself?

For me it was yesterday when I went to the grocery store to pick up some fresh fruit. To my surprise the strawberries had gone up extremely high in price. The old version of myself would have walked by them and bought some processed sweets because of course they are much cheaper.

But I ask at what cost? So, I leaned towards the newer version of myself and purchased the organic strawberries and that one yes, led to many yeses and over $70 later I was still elated that I said yes to ME!

So, I ask you once again, when was the last time that you said, yes to you and how did it make you feel?

#youareenough #youareworth #celebrateyou #showyourselflove

Finish What You Start

Most of us are working towards the goals that we set for the year, as well as the planning stages of –dare I say it–2023. I would like to encourage you to continue to focus on your goals and not the struggle.

Here are a few tips as you work toward reaching your goals:

Think through how much time, effort, and resources it is going to take to reach your goal and ask yourself what is required to prepare for the task at hand.

Once you are ready to tackle the task at hand, set your mind and focus on doing your best, one day at a time. Remember tomorrow will take care of itself and is not guaranteed anyway.

Lastly, be patient with yourself and trust the process. Reaching your goal will be worth the wait and quitting is definitely not an option. #keepthefaith

Be Happy

You deserve to be happy. Whether it is in your career, relationships, or life overall; you deserve to live a life of contentment. Everything may not be exactly what you desire, but in order to fight unhappiness, you must first expose it for what it is, and not be content with living in the comfort of being unhappy. I challenge you to make a decision to be happy and the first step is to expose the area where unhappiness is residing. How can you make something better, if you don’t acknowledge it exists in the first place? #celebratingyou #dontworrybehappy #youareworthit #yourfamilyisworthit #lifecoach #lifecoaching

Dealing with Opposition

Prayer is a great tool to use when dealing with opposition. I encourage you to pray when you feel offended. Pray when someone hurts your feelings or treat you unfairly. Pray when someone judges, criticizes or condemns you. Pray for your adversaries as well as leaders. When you spend time in prayer, it releases stress which helps your mental health. Even breath prayers have a positive impact when dealing with opposition or with negative energy. Give it a try! #prayerchangesthings #prayforyourenemies #pray