Neita Wilson, is the Founder of Celebrating You Ministries. She is also the creator of the blog website Celebrating You! Mind, body and Spirit.

Neita has over 20 years of experience coaching women of faith in life and relationships. She also has experience as a empowerment speaker and workshop presenter.

Neita is the organizer and host of Celebrating You Women’s Live Events which mission is to celebrate, support, encourage and inspire women in an intimate environment in person, as well as virtually.

Celebrating You Ministries has a 6-week coaching program for women. The program is called, “It’s Time To Focus On You!” This program was created to help women of faith who feel unhappy and unfulfilled in life, business and relationships.

We help women identify what brings her joy, peace and contentment, so that she can live life abundantly through its 4-Step Transformation Process.

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Neita Wilson at 567-281-8771 or at celebratingu2@gmail.com for additional information or you can book a discovery call today by clicking the link


“Before I took the It’s Time To Focus On You Coaching Program, I was struggling with finishing or following through with any project. If it took a long time for the project, I became bored and would not finish it.  As a result of taking the course, I have been able to follow through on projects, learn to love me and do things for myself, like buy myself flowers, take myself to dinner while watching a football game. I’ve hired a narrator to complete my audio book. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to move forward in their life, be sincere in making changes for the better, and reveal those things that hinder you.” 

Tanya R. King, Author of Get it or Get Got!

“Before I took the it’s Time To Focus on You Program , I was struggling with learning to love and spend time with myself. I’ve always defined myself with who was around ( Husband/Man, children or any company) I could get, and when I had no one around I’d get depressed. As a result of taking the program I’ve learned to enjoy spending time with myself and I must admit it’s been more fulfilling and rewarding than I could have imagined. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to start the path to finding out things about you and who you are.   Thank You So Much Neita Wilson for your Patience, Undivided attention and caring, non-judgmental ways that Spread out so easily in this world, You and this program are truly a gift from HEAVEN.”

Sonji King

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