Loving Yourself

Loving yourself. What does it mean to love yourself? The bible teaches us to love your neighbor, as you love yourself.  What does loving yourself look like?  For me, it is taking care of yourself–mind, body and soul.  I am reminded that when I travel by airplane, before take off ,the flight attendant teach us how to use the oxygen masks.  When demonstrating how to use the  masks ,we are told to put the mask on yourself first, before helping others.

For many, many years, I have put my needs last to the point that I lacked self-worth.  I can recall telling myself you can’t get your hair done, you don’t have enough money (unworthy); yet I go to work everyday and pay bills, as well as do for others financially.  Or I tell myself, you can’t afford to buy that, you don’t have the money (unworthy).  Then there’s you don’t have the time to exercise, you have to many other important things to do (unworthy), as if my health is not important.

But now that I am on the journey to wholeness and wellness, I see things differently.  I am learning how to love myself.  I take time to exercise most days, eat healthier more often, and buy things for myself and not feel guilty about it.  Although, I am wearing my hair naturally now (which is very liberating), I know that I can afford to go to the shop if I want to! I am on the path of learning how to celebrate myself–mind, body and spirit.