You May Not Have A Daddy But We All Have A Father!

Father’s Day is approaching soon.  A day set aside to celebrate dads all over the country. As I reflect on this special day, I have been thinking about the children who have been raised without a daddy in the home, as well as the children who do not have a personal relationship with their earthly father.  Be encouraged, although you may not have had a father in your home, or you may have been raised without a father in your life, please know that you have a Heavenly Father, who is waiting 24/7 with open arms to have a personal relationship with you.  Life is a classroom, apply the knowledge and strengths that you gained from your upbringing; if it was negative, you have learned what not to do, if it was positive then sow the seed in someone’s else life.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!  Be an even better father than the one that you had! We salute You!