The Gift of Time

Most of us take for granted the gift of the present moment.  We tend to focus on what we plan to do tomorrow, next week, next year, or even make plans for celebrations years in advance. While it is good to set long term and short term goals, it is equally important to be thankful and grateful for the present moments of life, as well as where you currently are in life.  After all, it could be worse. We rob living in the present by not being fully present.  For example, as I look at both of my arms I can see old scars where I have burned myself while cooking because of being distracted. These scars serve as reminders to let me know what happens when I am not fully present. Another example of not living in the present moment is when we are engaged in a conversation and our mind begin to drift away as we are distracted by scrolling through social media, texts or thoughts of what we need to do next and not actively listening or giving undivided attention to the other person that is speaking.

It is God that gives us the gift of time. Our time here on earth is an valuable asset that is a given to all whether you are rich or poor! When you wake up do you thank God for another day? Do you meditate and pray? Are you living with purpose? When you make plans do you commit them to the Lord?  The gift of time is given to us in moments, we truly do not know what will happen from one moment to the next or what each new day will bring. We tend to think that the next moment is guaranteed; However, it is because of the grace and faithfulness of God, as well as His goodness, mercies, and blessings that we are here today, so my question to you is how will you use your gift?