Live Life Out Loud!

I challenge you to find out your purpose in life, early in life. I challenge you to find out what you were created to do, as well as what brings you joy! Most importantly to Live. Life. Out. Loud! Intentionally. When I was younger I always thought that I had a lot of time to live and I had a lot of the “one day I am going to do this and one day I am going to do that” plans. I encourage you to work on your gifts and talents and your goals and dreams. Don’t wait–just begin where you are. Now that I am older, I am thinking how fast time flies! and I am more focused that ever working on making an impact in the lives of others. My goal is to work on living, as well as leaving an legacy for those I love.  What are your life goals?

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalms 90:12).


One thought on “Live Life Out Loud!

  1. It takes some longer than others to realize WHY, because of SELF. I have learned, it’s not about self, but God. We are His vessels, and our purpose is for others, not us. It took me a while to truly realize that, but my purpose was already taking place early in my life. So as an adult, I look back and see me as a broken vessel, but God molding me along the way. Now, I’m a stronger and wiser vessel, that’s taking shape to see my purpose in life, to be a blessing to others.

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