Valentine’s Day – A Day Set Aside to Show Love

Valentine’s day is this Thursday, February 14 and it is a day of anticipation for people who exchange cards and gifts with their significant other and loved ones.  But for some people who are not in a relationship, or have loss a loved one, or maybe their spouse or mate doesn’t celebrate, this could actually be a day that bring on discouragement, depression or loneliness.  But it doesn’t need to be! I challenge you to celebrate yourself on this day of love.  I challenge you to love on yourself! Buy your own flowers or candy.  Take yourself out to dinner, or to the movies, or maybe have a candlelight bubble bath with a good book! The important thing to know is that you are enough! You don’t have to wait until you are in a relationship to feel loved.  You were wonderfully and fearfully made and God loves you.

There is nothing selfish about self-love and guess what? You don’t even have to wait for Valentine’s day or any other holiday to show yourself some love in balanced way.  You can do it today.

Take care and be blessed.

Matters of the Heart

What do you do concerning the matters of your heart? How do you handle them? Do you internalize them? Do you talk about them with your mentor, friend, or spiritual adviser? Or do you pray about what’s going on in your heart? Or maybe you are the type of person that does all of the above.  Actually there is no right or wrong answer to this question.  In fact, I have done them all.  But, I must confess that my best option has been to pray about the matters of my heart.  I believe that when I cast my cares upon the Lord, it opens the door for God to work in my life and in the lives of the people I love and it releases the pressure and stress of what concerns me.

I encourage you to make a decision today to cast all your cares on the Lord and begin to trust Him to take care of you as well as the matters of your heart.  And you know what, I am confident that your heart will thank you!