3 Tips on Experiencing Joy

It is important to know what makes you happy or what brings you joy. In case you are “just making it” or “just getting by” in life or don’t know your purpose or have a life goal in mind, then I would recommend that you begin to live life with intention, and to find what brings you joy.  Listed below are a few suggestions on how to experience more joy.

  1. Take note of what comforts you, inspires you or encourages you so that when you have a low point in life (and we all do) you can refer to your notes and do something (such as a bubble bath, lighting a candle, or retail therapy) to bring you out of your slump.
  2. Take care of your basic needs such as eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep, as well as manage stress in a positive way (for example, prayer, meditation, talking with a trusted friend or counselor about your problems).
  3. Take the time to create a playlist to uplift your spirit, or to listen to during your time of reflection.  I hope this helps!  Until next time, take care and be blessed.


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