Is Your Marriage Set Apart?

When we commit ourselves to our spouse, we set ourselves apart for that person.  We don’t live with one foot in the marriage.  We are set aside as holy unto God and our spouse.  The biblical meaning of “holy” is to set something apart for a special purpose.

My husband and I will be celebrating 37 years of marriage on November 20 and although it has not been easy,  and has been filled with valley and mountain top experiences;  it has been well worth it and has been used for God’s glory.  In counseling and mentoring others I have heard the saying, “I didn’t sign up for this.”  Well, actually you did when you made the vow “for better or worse.”

Rededicate yourself today to be “set apart” in your marriage and in devotion to your spouse.

It is my prayer that.God be the Apex of your marriage and that you fall deeper in love with Him and each other for His glory.  Amen.