Dealing with Opposition

Prayer is a great tool to use when dealing with opposition. I encourage you to pray when you feel offended. Pray when someone hurts your feelings or treat you unfairly. Pray when someone judges, criticizes or condemns you. Pray for your adversaries as well as leaders. When you spend time in prayer, it releases stress which helps your mental health. Even breath prayers have a positive impact when dealing with opposition or with negative energy. Give it a try! #prayerchangesthings #prayforyourenemies #pray

Hope In Action

Allow the hope that you have in your heart inspire you to act. Sometimes hope is seen as passive, or when we hear the words “I hope so” it is often said with doubt or without excitement. I challenge you to use the word “hope” to stir you into action. You can begin by taking your hopes to God in prayer and ask Him for the wisdom and guidance to make your hopes a reality. He will reveal to you one step at a time what to do. Just trust and believe! (Romans 15:13).


Reading God’s word is part of my morning routine. When I read God’s word it provides me with guidance, encouragement, as well as it reminds me of the promises of God. Sometimes I must admit I am challenged by the commands of God, for example Matthew 6:15 where God says “But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.” You see, we all have fallen short and at some point or another, we have trespassed or disappointed people that we love. However, when we are hurt or left holding the short stick – it can be very difficult to forgive. But if you are like me, you certainly don’t want the consequence of not forgiving others. Even if it is for selfish reasons, I choose to forgive. What about you? #forgive #forgiveyourself #forgiveothers #love #loveoneanother