Living Stress-Free

First of all, living stress free may not be obtainable because we all experience some level of stress daily. However, you can reduce your stress by prioritizing what’s important in your life and by making time to be in God’s presence a priority, as well as being intentional with your plans for the day including rest and recharge.

Secondly, laugh often and do more of what you love. I encourage you to take some time to think over what brings out the best in you, and then do it. While you at it bring more laughter into your life, it is good for your soul.

Lastly, have a plan but don’t get upset if your plan gets interrupted. Proverbs 16:9 says, in their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. It’s great to make plans, but if we want to hear from God and be used by Him, we have to give Him room to interrupt our plans.

When You Wonder Why…

There are going to days and situations where you wonder why something is happening to you. When this happens, don’t ask why; ask God what is the lesson that He wants you to learn because God wants to pour out His wisdom upon you, which is one of the greatest assets you can possess. Wisdom gives you proper use of knowledge, which can guide you both spiritually and practically.

Women’s History Month

As I reflect women’s history month, I stand in gratitude for the women who have paved the road ahead of me. I stand in gratitude for the women who have had a great impact and influence in my life personally, as well as the women that I have only read about. Some of these women are no longer here physically, and some are still in the land of the living.

It is important for us to give the women in our lives recognition while they are living so that there is an exchange of appreciation and admiration. It is important to let those who have made a difference in our lives know that we love them, and that we are grateful for them pouring into us, shaping us, as well as encouraging us along this journey called life.


Although time seems to fly, it never travels faster than one day at a time. So don’t let the blur of life blind you to this truth. Grasp each day and do not let your “today” be stolen by being focus of the mistakes that were made “yesterday.”

Let today be the day that you finally take a step in the direction of your goals and dreams. Choose to do more than just exist today! Take small purpose driven steps toward the amazing life that you desire and deserve.

Go ahead! Today is waiting on you!

Be Realistic In Your Expectations

Sometimes we expect something from someone that only God can give. This is unfair to you, as well as the person to whom you placed this unrealistic expectation upon. When this happens we often feel disappointed, frustrated, and angry at the person (who may not even be aware of what we are expecting from them) . Let’s commit to asking God for what we want and need, and when we do– let’s trust Him to provide and work it out through whomever and however He pleases.

Say A Quick Prayer

In case you are short on time, here are some quick prayers that you can pray to get you through your day.

A Prayer for Direction:

God, please prepare my heart for your Purpose!

A Prayer For Order:

Father, I commit my plans to You today! Please order my steps and stops.

A Prayer for Connection:

Lord, I will pray without ceasing–seeking You in every situation.

A Prayer for Surrender:

God, may your will be done in all of today’s circumstances.

A Prayer for Strength:

Father, give me your overcoming strength for the overwhelming moments ahead.

A Prayer for Praise:

God, I praise You for what You’ve done and are about to do!

Sometimes a simple prayer will do, it doesn’t replace setting time aside for God but they do help us with getting through life hurdles when we are in a crisis.

Do It Afraid

Fear will keep you stuck and will have you living an unfulfilled life. God did not give us the spirit of fear, instead He gave us the spirit of love and power. If we want to accomplish the will of God in our lives, we need to understand the nature of fear and not be ruled by it. You see, fear clouds our thinking, torments us emotionally, as well as may contribute to analysis paralysis. We all may have fearful moments, but once you have prayed about a situation and have peace in your heart about your decision even though you may not have figured it all out yet; I challenge you to do it afraid.

How to Stabilize our Faith

In times of uncertainty such as living in this pandemic and not knowing what our future looks life or what will define our “new normal” we may swing like a pendulum and go back and forth between faith and doubt. In order to help us grow in faith it is important to trust God and His wisdom and reflect on God’s faithfulness based on the scriptures as well as in your own personal experiences. We can stabilize our faith by choosing to trust God rather than our circumstances. Our perspective of what’s going on in life and in the world is limited and unreliable. The bible tells us that the Lord our God is faithful, He will see you through each and every situation in His own timing.