3 Ways That God Speaks To Us

There are many ways that God speaks to you and me. I am sharing three of them in this post. First, God speaks through the written Word of God. Secondly, God speaks to us during our prayer and quiet time. Lastly, God speaks through wise counsel. The question becomes are you taking time to seek Him? and are you listening, and as well as being obedient to His voice?


Quiet your mind when you go before the creator of the universe. When you go before God with a busy mind, take a moment and ask yourself, “am I fully present?” Be still for the answer. I challenge you to truly surrender what’s on your mind and in your heart to our Father and then wait in expectation for His response.

How To Make Peace Your Priority

Is it your goal in life to live peacefully? If so, then you must recognize that stress and frustration are not your friends and that they can show up in your life by ways of over-commitments or in participating in activities that keep us busy, but not productive. There are many things in our lives that very are important, but are they truly necessary? When you realize that your life is filled with stress and frustration, it is time to ask God for wisdom, follow His leading and readjust your priorities to pursue peace. Psalms 34:14.

Make A Decision To Be Happy

Have you ever said when “this” or “that” happens you will be happy? In actuality the reality is the”this” or “that” –that you are waiting on is always changing, which could leave you in a state of discontentment. Why not decide to be happy today in spite of your circumstances? I challenge you to not spend another day waiting for things to change before you decide to be happy. Make the decision to be happy today.

You Are Highly Valued

Some people pull away from God and reject His blessings and promises because of a low opinion of themselves. They feel unworthy because they are focused on their shortcomings. They are left feeling miserable and undeserving. If this describes you, I challenge you to develop a positive sense of being valuable and accept yourself, as well as the decisions you have made in life. Why? because God accepts you and your faults and loves you anyway, despite any and everything that you have done. Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

Strive For Excellence

It is important to do our best in that we put our minds and hands to as well as how we choose to live our life. Choosing to do our best, is our way of living a life of excellence (not perfection). Three ways that you can you live a life of excellence are:

Keep your word as best as you and do what you tell people you are going to do.

Finish what you start, even if it takes you longer than anticipated.

Always be honest and truthful with yourself and others.

We All Have Flaws

It is easy to find fault with others but we all have flaws. Yet, we tend to want to change people and become blind to what needs to be changed within us. Actually only God can change people and He does it from the inside out which means we must be patient with each other. Instead of attempting to change or criticize others, ask God to change you, and to enable you to see people the way that He does. Finally, be an good example to those around you.