Season’s Greetings

As Christians, one of the traditions that we do is celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25 with family and friends and gift exchanges.  During this time of year many other religions and denominations have celebrations as well.  I invite you to focus on what is common between us, and not our differences.  I invite you to share love and not hate. I invite you to be a light where ever you go so that the darkness will dissipate.  The bible says that there is One Lord. One Faith. One Baptism, and I believe it. After all, it is all about love.  God’s Love.

Season’s Greetings.


Today is the official holiday of giving thanks.  People of all faiths will sit down at the dinner table to break bread and fellowship.  Many of us will reflect on what we are thankful and grateful for.  I challenge you to let this official Thanksgiving Day serve as a reminder that “everyday is a day of thanksgiving.”

We have so much to be thankful for; our health, food on the table, shelter, as well as the love of family and friends, and the precious memories of the loved ones who are no longer with us to name a few.  If you reflect on what you are grateful for daily; it will lift your spirit.

So I ask what are you grateful for today?

Use Your Right To Vote

Today is election day in the United States.  Please take yourself to the polls.  Many people suffered and died for the right to vote and recently many others’ voting rights have been challenged.  If your vote doesn’t count–why are others trying to take your voting rights away?  It must be important.

Think about it…



Live Life Out Loud!

I challenge you to find out your purpose in life, early in life. I challenge you to find out what you were created to do, as well as what brings you joy! Most importantly to Live. Life. Out. Loud! Intentionally. When I was younger I always thought that I had a lot of time to live and I had a lot of the “one day I am going to do this and one day I am going to do that” plans. I encourage you to work on your gifts and talents and your goals and dreams. Don’t wait–just begin where you are. Now that I am older, I am thinking how fast time flies! and I am more focused that ever working on making an impact in the lives of others. My goal is to work on living, as well as leaving an legacy for those I love.  What are your life goals?

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalms 90:12).


The Change of Seasons

In Michigan we are accustomed to the change of seasons (winter, summer, spring and fall).  Fall is among us,  and we can witness the leaves on the trees changing their colors and soon will be leaving the trees bare.  This reminds me of how we as human beings have season changes too.  We have seasons where we will sow our seeds, and seasons where we will reap our harvests.  There will be seasons where our seeds will lie dormant, way down deep within.  Just remember that you can’t reap and sow in the same season, and as far as the seeds lying dormant they will eventually break through the soil and flourish; so don’t be so hard on yourself.  Do your best where you are and let God do the rest.

Only What You Do For God Will Last!

This week Senator John McCain and Aretha Franklin (also known as the Queen of Soul) were honored.  It is amazing how much they both touched so many lives.  People from all of the country and parts of the world came together to celebrate these two individuals.  What stands out the most to me is that both used their god given talents to serve the world.  Their service to others will long be remembered, Senator McCain served our country in the military and was an prisoner of war.  He was a politician who stood up for what he believed and worked across party lines. Aretha Franklin was an actress and a songstress who used her gift to sing to people all over the United States and many places throughout the world.  She contributed to the civil rights movement and never forgot where she came from, in fact she would go back to her community to give back by providing free concerts and so much more.

The gifts that Senator McCain and Aretha Franklin shared with us will live on in our hearts and their legacy will last forever.  I am reminded of a song that I learned as a child the lyrics are,”This little light of mine, I’m gonna to let it shine.  This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.  This little light of mine, I’m gonna to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. Both John McCain and Aretha Franklin let their light shine and we have been blessed because they did, may their souls rest in peace.

The question is, what will others say about you after you are long gone? Remember, only what you do for God will last.