Get Your Tribe Together!

Urban dictionary states that a tribe is a group of friends who have been together for a decade or a day, but are loyal, loving, honest and fun-loving.  I would like to add people who you can be transparent with, without judgement.  In this life, you need God and a good support system to help you navigate through its’ journey.  Both will provide directions when you are lost and will help get you back on course.  I am very grateful to have my tribe,  it’s like iron sharpening iron when we connect.  Do you have a tribe, if so how do you find it helpful?

2 thoughts on “Get Your Tribe Together!

  1. My Father is my resource and my provider. I am learning to depend solely on Him. He has given me the Holy Spirit that remibds me of God’s word. A best friend, Neita, that I can be transparent with, that sticks closer than a brother. A pastor and church-home that continues to spiritually feed and supports me. I thank God for those that are in my tribe to keep me accountable and grounded in Our Father. Thank u Jesus!

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