7 Helpful Tips on How to Resolve Issues Peacefully

1. If you are upset, pause and take a moment to reflect and regroup, before you say or do something that you may regret later.

2. Be mindful of your nonverbal communication. Be aware of your facial expressions, hand gestures and body language to ensure that you are sending the message that you want to be received.

3. Demonstrate empathy, which is the ability to show you understand how the other person feels. This allows the other person to feel heard and seen, which may diffuse conflict.

4. Take responsibility for yourself and own up to any adverse contributions that you may have added to the situation. This demonstrates self-awareness and integrity and will most likely lead to a successful resolution expediently.

5. Stay in the present and don’t dredge up issues from the past. Ask for what you need, say no what you can’t do, and be open to negotiation and compromise.

6. Focus on what you can control (such as your own behaviors and how you respond) and let go of the rest.

7. Forgive and let go of the past. Recognize that people come into our lives for a reason, season, or a lifetime and even negative experiences are opportunities for growth.

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